What Are The Top 7 Antivirus Software Programs For 2020?

Threads are increasing with the technology and so the security programs. The new viruses and cyber threats are emerging every day. Most of the security software companies update and upgrade their security tools and technology for fighting against those threads. If you want to secure your computer or another device from harmful threats then you must install a good security software program on your device.

Top 7 antivirus software programs for 2020:

Norton antivirus-

Norton antivirus is always the first choice of internet users for years. Norton antivirus plans are mostly known for data security. The real-time scan feature of Norton antivirus protects your device actively. If any virus or any kind of malware tries to enter your computer; Norton scanner removes it immediately. Norton antivirus has almost every tool which is necessary for dealing with these threats. Norton antivirus provides excellent internet security such as secure browsing which checks every page on your search result and tells whether the page is secure to access or not. Norton also equipped an excellent firewall. Norton antivirus software has a firewall and Norton also provides firewall as hardware. Norton antivirus has an excellent feature known as LifeLock which keeps an eye on the black market and tells you when it finds any data related to you. Norton antivirus has a backup tool which stores all your crucial data on the cloud securely. The data stored on Norton backup is saved in encrypted form which means nobody can get the original data.

McAfee antivirus

McAfee antivirus is one of the best antivirus plans for internet security. The malware detection rate of McAfee antivirus is almost perfect and the malware removal rate is also very good. McAfee antivirus has a password manager that keeps a good track of your usernames and passwords securely. Once you store your passwords on password manager then you don’t have to remember them because this tool will help you everywhere. Mcafee renewal with product key has an online identity protection tool. This tool will help to ensure that no one is stealing your identity and using it for wrongdoing. McAfee antivirus provides various top plans for Windows PC as well as for Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Bitdefender antivirus-

Bitdefender always provides the best security among all the antivirus plans but it is costlier than other antivirus programs. It offers excellent security from Trojans, worms, ransomware, rootkits, and all other types of malware. Bitdefender update failed error 1011 also has a secure browsing tool that makes you secure on the internet. When you click on the melicious URL then it alerts you and blocks the page. It provides you solution for Error 1002 with secure links from where you can easily download the reliable and safe software so you don’t have to worry about fake downloads.

Avast antivirus-

Avast antivirus is also considered as a good choice because it provides the best freeware suite. Among other freeware antivirus programs; Avast antivirus has the most advanced security tools which are good if you don’t want to spend the money on antivirus. The paid plans of Avast are also very powerful which can protect you from all the dangers.

Kaspersky antivirus-

If you are searching for a lightweight antivirus than Kaspersky is the best choice for you because it has a very less system impact. Kaspersky has good virus detection and removal data. Kaspersky is a good antivirus for parents because the parental control features help to keep your kids secure from all the internet threats. You can block all the sites on your kids’ device which seems inappropriate for your kids.

VIPRE antivirus-

VIPRE antivirus is best known for virus removal and download protection. Whenever you download any program or file from the internet; this antivirus checks the download and tells whether it is safe or not. If the file is malicious then the antivirus will directly send the file to the quarantine folder. VIPRE uses very few resources of your computer but still provides excellent data and internet security.

Trend Micro antivirus-

Trend Micro is best known for spam and phishing protection. The virus removal rate of Trend Micro is excellent as it removes all the malware available on your device in just one scan. Trend Micro has a Pay Guard feature which makes your online payment security. The browser protection tool ensures that no keylogger or spyware is stealing your data or credentials from your web browser.

Determine your device compatibility and then review all the features of antiviruses mentioned above. Check your budget and get the best fit antivirus for your device.