What are the new and additional features of Office 2016?

Microsoft Office is one of the most useful programs on your device. MS Office is a pack of various advanced and handy tools like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook etc. These tools are very simple to access and easy to manage Product keys Microsoft office 2016 provides all the advanced Office tools along with new and additional features. These additional features and tools make your job more easy and fast.

Additional Ribbon Button

This additional feature is for Outlook. If you want to Archive any item then you can directly use the Archive button and your job is done with a single click. You can use the group buttons for adding new groups and the browser button for easily browsing. You just have to right-click on the ribbon and then click on Customize the Ribbon option. Now you can add all the buttons directly which you frequently use while working on Outlook.


Mentions is a very appreciable tool for interactive writing. You can easily capture someone’s attention by using the Mentions feature. This feature is mostly used while writing an email or making a calendar invitation. You just have type @ and some letters of the name. You will get the suggestions regarding the typed letters. There you can easily click on the person whom you want to send the email from the contact list. Once you choose the person’s name then it will get highlighted on the message. The name will also automatically pop into the To line option. You can also use the Mentions feature of Office for sorting your inbox
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Enhanced Collaboration

Office 2016 provides various enhanced collaboration tools for Word and PowerPoint. Now you can easily add the comments so everyone can easily troubleshoot their queries. You can now share the content easily with the sharing icons. Both the sharing and commenting tools are available on the top right of the ribbon. If you want to check the previous versions of your documents then you can use the Activity button. The Activity button allows you to see all the changes made in your documents. When you click on the Activity icon, a side panel appears which shows all the changes.

Easy publish to Docs.Com

This is one of the handiest tools of Office 2016 available in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. These features are available on multiple applications. If you want to publish your file on Docs.com then you don’t have to create a new file. You can directly go to File option and then click on the Publish button. But you can use this feature only when you have an account of Docs.com. You can easily create an email on Docs.com with your email address on you can also directly sign in with Microsoft or Facebook account.

Improved Connections

These new connection options in Excel makes your work very easy. Now you can import data from SharePoint folders, SAP HANA databases, etc. You can also import the data from various online services like Reports and Salesforce Objects. Click on Data and then click on New Query. A drop-down box will show a list of various options, click on the appropriate option. The SQL Server Database and IBM DB2 connectors have also improved. Now you can also improve the mcafee renew driver in IBM BD2. The schema information is also included in SQL Server Database so you can easily manage your work.

Researcher Tool

This Word tool is very helpful for writing articles and research and business papers. This tool allows you to search for any term directly. This tool is available on the toolbar. Go to the toolbar and then type the term you want to search. A list of result pages will appear on the sidebar. Now you can easily click on the result you want to use. With the help of this tool, you can add the heading to start your online and check the source directly. Researcher tool also allows you to add images on your documents. You can directly drag and drop the images on your documents.

Along with these features, Office 2016 provides suggestion features, text highlighter, zoom for PowerPoint etc.