How to deal with AVG antivirus issues?

How to deal with AVG antivirus issues?

AVG is a popular antivirus which offers various premium and free plans for PC as well as for phone devices. AVG antivirus provides all basic and advanced security tools and services for better protection and device performance. But there are few AVG errors which may appear while scanning or installing AVG antivirus.

AVG error 0Xe0018E28

0Xe0018E28 is an installation error which mostly occurs when your device is incompatible with AVG antivirus. Check the resource requirements of the AVG antivirus plan and then check your device specification. If your device is unable to fulfil the requirements then get another AVG plan for the compatible PC. You can cancel AVG subscription and get another compatible program.

AVG Error 1317

This AVG antivirus error appears when your registry files get corrupted. Windows registry files get corrupted easily. But repairing the registry files manually is a bit difficult. If you don’t know the exact steps then you should ask for professional help. If you are editing the files manually then you should create a backup first and then edit the files.

Here are the steps for creating an AVG backup key:

  1. Close the error wizard

2. Go to the Start menu

3. Go to the Search bar

4. Type command

5. Hold and press ctrl and shift keys

6. Hit the Enter key

7. You will see a permission prompt

8. Click on Yes option

9. Command screen will appear

10.Type Regedit on your command screen

11. Press the Enter key

Windows registry files will appear. Select the AVG related key and choose the export button. After creating a backup, repair your registry files. Once complete, restart your device and check whether your error gets fixed or not.

AVG error 1922

AVG error 1922 is a conflicting error which appears when some program is conflicting with your AVG setup. If you have multiple antivirus programs on the device then remove them. Use only one antivirus on your device as multiple antivirus programs start conflicting when they detect any malware. Go to the Programs folder and choose the program you want to delete. Conflict error can also occur due to temporary files. Temporary files not only accumulate the free disk space on your device but can start conflicting with installed programs. Go to the temporary files folder and press Control+A keys. Now press the Delete button. After removing all the temporary files, delete all the browser junk. You can also make use of the Clean Manager tool. It is an inbuilt tool for Windows devices which can remove all the junk files from the PC. After deleting the junk files, restart your device and then check for the error.

AVG Error 27025

This AVG error when your PC drivers get outdated. If you want to fix this error then you have to update all the outdated PC drivers. Update all the drivers one by one. If your PC driver gets corrupted then you have to restore it. Restoring a PC driver manually is very difficult. You can use the driver update tool also. You can easily find a driver update tool on the internet. Install and run this tool on your device and it will restore and update all the installed driver tools on your device. You may have to follow the on-screen instructions for completing the restoration process. Once complete, restart your device and use AVG antivirus reliably.

AVG antivirus error 1922

Error 1922 occurs due to missing or corrupted program files. Sometimes users delete the AVG files mistakenly and then error 1922 appears whenever they try to scan the PC. The best method for fixing this error is to reinstall AVG antivirus. Uninstall the existing AVG plan and then install a fresh AVG setup on your PC. If you are unable to fix AVG related issues then ask the AVG technical team for help.